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In order to provide veterans and their families with a final resting place that acknowledges and honors their achievements and sacrifices on behalf of our nation, the Central Coast State Veteran's Cemetery Nonprofit Corporation's mission is to honor those who have served the cause of Freedom by providing the funds for the perpetual upkeep, maintenance and enhancements for the Central Coast State Veteran's Cemetery at the former Fort Ord Army Base. We need your help.

Click for more about taps...Situated on Fort Ord, the projected cemetery site encompasses gently rolling hills with the natural and scenic beauty of Monterey Bay. As a lasting tribute to those who served in the armed forces, the new cemetery will remind future generations that we honor our veterans who were instrumental in preserving our nation's freedom.

When completed, the cemetery will be serving all veterans, but will be most convenient for the approximate 100,000 veterans and their families that live within the service area of the four-county 75-mile radius. The four counties that are within this radius are Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and half of Santa Clara.

The estimated interment needs of this veteran population are 5,600 burial and crypt sites for the initial 10-years. The actual interment sites to be provided in this initial phase will be approximately 2,800 burial and crypt sites. The Phase I plan will develop 26 acres of the site.

At a minimum, the cemetery will provide approximately 11,500 gravesites in its 20-year build-out.

Veterans groups, other organizations and individuals are generously supporting the cemetery. If you would like to donate to the cemetery, please see our donations page for more details on the levels of donations and how you can help. You can also contact the CCVCF for more information.

The Foundation will also need volunteer support. This volunteer participation is critical to the success of the cemetery. Please contact us for information regarding current needs and positions that are available.

We look forward to serving and hearing from you!

Don't forget our next Hero's Open golf tournament providing funds in support of the Central Coast State Veterans Cemetery!

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Central Coast State Veterans Cemetery Capital Campaign

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Capital Campaign to Help SAVE Martinez Hall

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Central Coast Veterans State Cemetery
2900 Parker Flats Road
Seaside, California

Grand opening 'Fall 2016'.



Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation
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Mail to: P.O.Box 849
Marina, CA 93933
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